Share your Internet connection with all your WiFi devices.


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RedAdHoc is a very useful app that lets you share your Internet connection with the rest of your devices so you can browse the Internet, even if you don't have a data plan, you're too far from the router, or you just want to access a different WiFi network.

This app lets you connect to the Internet using any WiFi enabled device, such as smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. Turn your PC into a virtual router and connect it to any other device like you normally would.

The app's interface is really simple and you'll just have to enter the name of the network and the password users will need in order to connect to it. Once these values are set, you'll be able to share your network with anyone you want, avoiding unwanted intrusions from other people.

RedAdHoc features a special tool that lets you, among other things, create LAN networks to share online multiplayer games in the fastest and most convenient way possible. Additionally, you can share files locally without the need of a wireless connection or any additional tools. You'll easily be able to do all this, and much more, using RedAdHoc.

By Álvaro Toledo
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